OBC Certificate in Bihar here is the complete process to apply it online

Nowadays if you have applied for a job under central government or state government or anywhere else. Where reservation system are followed there you must have to show your caste certificate to claim your caste. Also if you apply for Bihar scholarship then you will have to submit your OBC caste certificate. Here in this post you will learn the complete procedure on how to apply online for caste certificate and get your OBC Certificate in Bihar.

What are the essential documents required for making OBC Certificate in Bihar?

In order to make OBC certificate in Bihar, you have to get ready with these documents.

The list is as follows :-

  1. Residential Certificate
  2. Income Certificate
  3. Caste Certificate

If you have all these documents ready in your hand then you are eligible for Bihar govt OBC certificate online apply. You have to keep in mind that all these three documents are necessary to be submitted along with the OBC application. I have written a complete blog post on how to make online Residential, Income and Caste Certificate in Bihar through RTPS portal. Please go through the post and follow the process to apply it online.

How to Apply for OBC Certificate in Bihar?

Follow these procedures in order to apply for OBC certificate in Bihar :-

  1. After getting all the above three mentioned certificates i.e. Residential, Income and Caste certificate. Visit the Block of your area and get OBC application certificate format from there.
  2. After that fill that application form properly and be careful while entering the details.
  3. Attach the photo copy of Residential, Income and Caste certificate along with the application. This is necessary step must follow it.
  4. After that Submit the application form to Block of your area and get it signed by CO (Circle Officer). You have to submit it for further countersigned by SDO (Sub Divisional Officer).
  5. Then after you have to lastly submit it to the DM (District Magistrate) which is the OBC certificate issuing authority in Bihar.
  6. That’s the complete process on how you can apply for OBC caste Certificate in Bihar.

What is the OBC Certificate format of Bihar?

You will get the certificate from the office at Block of your area. But here I will share the prescribed OBC Certificate format which will be used everywhere in order to claim, to which you belong OBC/SC/ST.

obc certificate

OBC Certificate Format

OBC Certificate Validity period in Bihar

The validity period for the certificate is 3 Years if you made it up to DM (District Magistrate) level. Otherwise, it will have less validity period. In my opinion, it is better to have your OBC caste certificate from DM.

OBC Certificate Renewal procedure Bihar

In order to renew your certificate, you have to fill an application form after the expiry date of your certificate. This is the process by which your certificate will be renewed for another 3 years.

OBC Caste certificate verification online Bihar

This is the website Click here in order to authenticate your caste certificate. This is the official website of Bihar government for the verification of caste certificate.

Please feel free to comment below if you want any clarification regarding the procedure to make OBC Certificate in Bihar.

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2 Responses

  1. Amod Pal says:

    my caste is OBC in bihar state but me and my father live in maharashtra and income certificate of my father issued by maharashtra state.. please guide me wether i am eligible for OBC NLC certificate ..if yes. then from which state i can get this certificate? does bihar block will consider my father income certificate (issued by maharashtra state)… plz reply me

    • admin says:

      Please contact the concerned department regarding this. You must be the permanent resident of Bihar to be eligible for making OBC certificate.

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