How to Reduce jpeg file size to 200 Kb Without Losing Quality

In this blog post I will be sharing on how to reduce image size in kb or reduce jpeg file size without losing quality of the scanned image. Reducing image size plays important role while filing online forms, to meet the minimum upload limit set by the server.

So in this post I will tell you the best way to compress image size without loosing its quality and for this you you should have these things ready –

  1. Scanned copy of the documents to be compressed.
  2. A laptop or PC with windows installed.
  3. Lastly your 2-3 minutes to read this blog post.

Compress Image to 200 Kb

In this post I will compress the image size under 200 Kb and the same process will be done if you want to  reduce jpeg file size to 20kb etc etc.

Follow the following steps to reduce jpeg file size  –

  1. First of all get the scanned copy of your documents in your laptop or PC on which you will work. I have scanned the documents and you will see in the image below that its current size is 806 Kb. To see the size of your documents Right click the documents and then click on Properties.

How to reduce jpeg file size to 200kb

2. Now Right click on the image and click on Edit or alternatively you should click on Open With and select Paint. 

How to reduce jpeg file size to 200kb

3.The file gets opened in Paint the click on Resize available on the top Left side.

How to reduce jpeg file size to 200kb

4. Then a popup will open like this.

How to reduce jpeg file size to 200kb

5. Now you will see the percentage of both Horizontal and Vertical as 100 set this to 40 or 50 as per your need and size to reduce.

How to reduce jpeg file size to 200kb

6. Click on OK and Press Ctrl+S to save the file.

7. Then you will see a decrease in the file size and if you want to further reduce the file size then repeat the step no 3 to 6. 

8. See the reduced file size in the Footer of the Paint window.

9. In my case you will see that I have reduced the file size to 183 Kb from 806 Kb.

How to reduce jpeg file size to 200kb

This is the simplest process to reduce the file size of your scanned documents rather there are also certain ways to compress image online but I recommend you to follow the process explained in this post which is quite easy and took less time.

If you have any problem regarding the compressing of image then comment below in the comment section.

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